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Write your Rally Report

The rally scene has begun with a few small shows which have been really successful, and with summer almost upon us, most of us would have been to a rally or two alread.

If you have been to a show in your area, please send us a report even if it’s only a couple of lines and maybe a picture, it all helps to fill up the newsletter and we love reading whose been where and what it was like, so we can plan for next year. When entering rallies, always check the closing date for entries, as they can be at least a month or more before a show.

I have been to a couple of events which are being reported on by others, one of which is when I took my old lorry on the London to Brighton run in May.  We did just over 100 miles in it with no trouble at all. A good day out and nice to see such old cars still out and about.

I will be attending more shows over the coming months and writing reports, and could do with some help in producing the newsletter.  If you fancy helping out, we would be pleased to hear from you.