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This is the 25th year of SEAMS.  There have been many committee members over that time and some since the start of the club.

My time is relatively short in the history of the club, but we are now down to five committee members, in the past we have had three times this number.  SEAMS club is a very strong club and financially sound. We really need more committee members to share some of the jobs and come armed with fresh and new ideas.

We are a friendly bunch meeting locally once a month on a Tuesday evening to review the past months activities / finances and things we need to organise. Each of us have jobs to perform within the club and this is where your news letter comes from. We all try to write some sort of report on the various events we attend but, as I have said before, this is the members club so a report from any members on places they have been to or any words on a recent restoration or a tip to share with the rest of the club would be welcome.There are 113 members out there, so have a go, any format from hand written to  email, they will be all appreciated.

The list of events that we publishare not all SEAMS events, but many are certainly organised by a member of one committee or another, even if this is not a SEAMS committee member. From the small village fete to a large steam fair, please remember if someone does not organise these, there are no events to show your pride and joy at.

With your club subscription you also get engine insurance, some may say I could get that myself if I had to, or even get this from another club. This is of course true, but if SEAMS was not around then you would have to get your insurance elsewhere and certainly at a higher cost. We  need committee members to take the club forward for the next 25 years.  If we don’t get new committee members it puts the club at risk, and we want to keep planning events for the benefit of all our membership.

So if you would like to play a bigger part in your club please make contact with one of the committee members.  The official enrolment will be at the AGM, but we can co-opt you onto the committee at any time and we would be pleased to welcome new members that would like to get more involved.

Steve Rowland,  SEAMS Chairman