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Oakwoodhill Fete and Flower Show 9th August 2014

This event has been going for a very long time but engines are relatively new to it. Recently I have been joined by a few others and since our family started taking the model railway, I have handed the section over to Tom Beams. This year we were advised there was extra space so could a few more attend. In the end Tom and his assistant Colin, took a variety of engines and machines with Allan Harris’ engine driving a Corn Mill. Richard Amos brought along his Lorenz engine and Tony Harcombe arrived on his 1949 Norton ES2 motorcycle. Ray Harris had his Triumph Stag opposite in the car line up and Keith and Vanessa West put on a super awning display of model and small engines both steam and I.C.

Thanks to all that made this section, the organiser was very pleased.

Mark Tewkesbury