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NEW Club Gas-up

By Ian Sampson Events Organiser

I have several new gas ups for you this year as well as many returning favorites. There is something on every month over the Summer.

In May we have Cobbs Mill under John Peters and the new Coultershaw event. In June we have the Buckingham Park Donkey Derby, yet to be confirmed and would like a few engines please. Then we have Leigh Flower Show and the return of Partridge Green Fete over a weekend in July. A new one is Ewhurst Carnival 1st August, a few engines needed for this. Later in the month we have the ever popular Cranleigh Car Show and to finish off, the Barns Green Car Show. In September, John Peters has his do at Pulborough (yet to be confirmed) and in October we return to Singleton.

Amberley this year have moved Engine Day to late October. I hope the weather stays good for it.

I hope you can join us at some of these shows, please let me know.