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New Arrivals

Philip Sampson has been busy over the Summer adding to his collection of engines. The first is a Petter that Philip acquired after chatting with someone ‘over the ropes’ at Cranleigh Classic Car Show. He was most surprised to find it not in the usual green but red & silver. This is the colour most associated with the cheaper Handyman range. What made it odd is that this engine is tank cooled and Handyman’s are usually hopper cooled. The nameplate was missing but fortunately he found the serial number on the flywheel key.

David Edgington was able to state that the engine was sold in 1926. Roland Craven was able to add via the Petter Archive at Internal Fire Museum that the engine was sold to Armstrong & Sons, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Bookham Garage, Surrey with a Saw Bench. It is a type PVF Handyman, a portable engine that was sold without cooling tank and tool box, probably to save costs and allow a smaller size trolley.

The second engine is a Lister A type of the early single flywheel variety. This engine is in nice original condition with most transfers easily readable. One oddity is the crankcase appears to be black. The magneto is dead but fortunately Dad came to the rescue and loaned a correct type ML MCK so the engine could be taken to the Kingsfold Rally. Philip adds this engine was supplied to agents Harper &

Stedman of Lewes in 1924 and Philip already has a Lister D supplied to the same agents so this will make a nice pair to take out.