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Letter from The Editor December 2013

Another year and another edition of Engine Torque. Looking back a lot happened in 2013, some things good, some not so. Our Society has continued its way quietly, just as it has done so in the last few years.

Our AGM was on the whole successful.  One issue that has proved contentious has been the club engine. A member raised concerns over the committee spending such large sums of money on engines and then giving them away, also the value of such engines. In this case there is no immediate desire to rid ourselves of the club engine, although there is nothing to say this situation might not change in the future, also regards its value, the club has a guarantor in that a member has offered to acquire the engine at the full purchase price paid.  The engine remains in secure storage awaiting a start on its conservation or restoration and thank you to all those members that have contributed parts or labour to this project so far.

On a more positive note we welcome Steve Rowland to the committee as Vice Chairman, an important role that will take some of the pressure off Jon Foster. Steve has a good background in engineering and has carried out superb restorations of his engines. We look forward to his input in the coming months. Also voted on to the committee is John Peters who again has made some cracking restoration jobs on his engines and has been showing engines in the South for a very long time. We are still looking for a willing person to take on the most important role of Secretary, any takers please?

Your committee does its best to please the members, organising events, coach trips etc. for your interest. It is disappointing then to see only a percentage of members taking these events up with the resultant losses coming out of club funds. I realise our membership is spread over a wide area and not everyone can make it along so, are we being too ambitious in these difficult times? Do you require more notice of these events? We have largely concentrated on a core area of Central and West Sussex, would an event be welcomed outside this area? Please remember too that this newsletter is as much for your views as it is for the committee.

Cobbs Mill. I have to report that our trusted and hard working member Dennis Richardson has decided to hang up his starting handle and retire from looking after the Tangye engine. He has found two other club members in Colin Williams and Bill Ovenden to take over the role and with the clubs blessing they will keep up the good work so admirably performed by Dennis over the years. Dennis has decided to stand down from the committee and we wish him all the best for the future and hope he remains a member of SEAMS and continues to enjoy the occasional updates on the happenings at Cobbs Mill.

New Year Gas Up. Please don’t forget this event! I know it will be cold and although we cannot predict the weather,  hopefully it will be a dry bright day. What better way to start 2014 than a visit  to Hurst Farm and to have a natter with friends.  Jacquie and her helpers will be supporting the event with
hot food and drinks available at a small cost.  All monies raised will be donated to Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. Sunday 5th January is the date and all being well, I look forward to seeing you there.  Please contact Ian to let us know you wish to attend.

Gas Up and Bring & Buy. Once again we return to the Southdowns Garden Centre at Hassocks for this Springtime cobweb clearout! A good opportunity to test out that latest restoration project? A chance to empty the shed of some clutter? A time to catch up with friends for a natter! and don’t forget the excellent Restaurant and Bygones Museum on site. Just a reminder that if showing an engine, you will need to have new insurance in place and pitches for sellers are £5. The date provisionally set is the 16th March, please contact Ian to confirm this.

Club Nights. We have several speakers booked for the latter part of our Winter season. Please remember that these folk go to a lot of effort to put on a good evening talk for us. It therefore looks bad if only a few members turn up! Please support your club and enjoy an evening away from the goggle box. Brian Johnson is a founding member of the original Vintage Club in the area and has been involved in restoration of Engines, Motor Vehicles and a Steam Roller for many years. Whatever he decides to talk about you can bet it will be an interesting evening.

Insurance. Tony Peirce advises that your current insurance is valid until the end of January 2014, so should you wish to attend the Gas Up at Hurst Farm, before renewing your membership, you will be able to do so. This is a one off dispensation due to the change to bi-monthly newsletters and the fact that renewal forms would in the past normally go out at the end of November.

Whilst mentioning Tony, some will know that he has been waiting for a hospital appointment. That will have taken place by the time you read this and I hope you will join me in extending best wishes to him for a speedy recovery. Likewise for any member, and there are a few I know of, that has been less than well of late, take care and we look forward to seeing you out at a rally sometime next year.

Just to prove that we can all make mistakes, someone forgot it was Christmas! A belated wish from the committee that you all have/had a great Christmas and we hope you have a really good 2014! Whilst on that subject its nice to reflect and remember some members that are no longer active with us so it was encouraging to hear recently that Maureen Rump, our pioneering Chairman’s wife and helper, still enjoys reading her copy of Engine Torque and keeping up with what’s going on. Another great helper Doris Monnery is still going strong and likewise enjoys the news and would like to extend Best Wishes to all who know her.

This edition marks my first year in the job, time flies but this newsletter is more than its Editor, so a big thank you to all those that have contributed and ‘made’ the Newsletter. Finally closing date for the next edition will be 24th February.