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MEMBERS TALK… A Language of Convenience?

An English lady wished to rent a house in a small German village in the mountains and not knowing German, asked the village schoolmaster, who knew a little English, to help her.   On her way home to England she remembered that she had not enquired if there was a W.C. attached to the house.

She therefore wrote to the schoolmaster for particulars as to the W.C. but he did not understand the abbreviation so consulted the village pastor who knew a little English.   The pastor came to the conclusion that the lady was a Churchgoer and wished to know the whereabouts of the Wesleyan Church so he responded as follows……….

Dear Ladyship,

The W.C. is situated about seven miles from your house and it is in the middle of a pine forest, amid lovely surroundings and is open on Tuesdays and Fridays.   This is unfortunate as I know that you are in the habit of going regularly but you will be very happy to hear that a number of people take their lunch and make a day of it.

As there are a great many visitors in the summer, I advise you to go early.   This W.C. is very clean and tidy and there are about eighty seats.   Should you be late at any time there is plenty of standing room.   A bell is rung ten minutes before the W.C. is opened.   I would especially advise your ladyship to pay a visit on Tuesday as on that day there is an organ accompaniment – the most delicate sound being audible all over the building.   I should be delighted to reserve the best seat for your ladyship.



P.S.   My wife and I have been unable to go for eight months and it pains us very much but it is such a long way to go.   But never mind, we hope to go again soon.

Supplied by Tony Peirce