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Saddlescombe Farm 15th September 2013

On Sunday the 15th September I loaded my truck and headed for Saddlescombe Farm for the Autumn Open Day.

SEAMS has been invited to display a selection of engines, we managed a small display, a few more would have been nice as the trust had advertised a showing of engines. After we had been running a while, they brought down tea and cakes which was very welcome.

As the weather was not at it’s best there was a good amount of public attending and many were interested to stop and chat about our hobby. We did have a long chat with a very nice couple of whom the wife was the ex Health and Safety officer for Brighton Corporation! She did not even ask us for our mission statement, method statement or any other statement, but she was good to talk to.

As the visitors were starting to thin out it was time for us to load up say our good-bye’s and wend our way home, another good day.

Chris Page