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Ian’s Diary

bi Ian Sampson

I have been doing up my Lister H3 water pump as it was getting tatty, I stripped it down, rubbed it all down and repainted it. I can’t put it on the trolley yet as that needs an overhaul and a couple of wheels need rebushing, they wobble a lot but I will finish of soon. Now I said that the 1929 Lister D needed an overhaul. I bought it for £5 and moved it from where it lay in the back of a Morris Minor Van which was a Caffyns van, the firm I was working for. I did it up and took it to the first few shows in a Morris 1100. What I did was to take out the passenger seat and put it the
space, not on wheels then and with my mate in the back to hold it. That was for only a few shows because I bought a Morris 1/2 ton, which I used for a log time. All good fun!

Well I hope you are all keeping well and safe from the virus.