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Barns Green August Bank Holiday – Saturday

by Andy Skinner

During the early part of August, Mark Tewkesbury noticed via Facebook that the Barns Green Classic Car Show was back on, having been cancelled at the start of this Pandemic. Mark mentioned it to me, asking if I fancied doing it? We had not done this event before and with the boys keen for an outing, I contacted the organiser. A bit of tooing `n’ froing on arrangements with the HSE but eventually it was sanctioned to run for 4 hours between 10am & 2pm The day before there was a heavy rainstorm in Horsham and Mark went over to check the field. All seemed OK, so we went early to get set up. Sean Murrell joined us and Mark turned up last (as usual!), giving us 4 engines on show with our Fairbanks Dishy and James’ Lister B. There was quite a good display of cars but apparently nowhere near the numbers usually. Some stopped for a look. Quite quickly the day was over and it seemed odd to be heading home in the middle of the afternoon, and that was our only public event since March and keeps the place open for SEAMS to return in 2021.