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Your Club, Our Future

by Mark Tewkesburu

I write this piece to plea to you, the members, to help support Our Club. As Steve has pointed out in his report, we have lost another valued member of the club Committee. This has in the last few years run quite light, with several officers taking on more than one role. Now with Richard Amos taking a well earned break, having served in various positions on the Committee over the last 20 years at least, it’s time someone else stepped forward, yet we have known of this position for a year. ‘Oh it doesn’t matter, someone will do it’ is easy to say. We have nearly 100 members and to all of you, this is Your club and Your responsibility! Without an effective committee, we run the risk of mistakes and liability. I know this is highly unlikely and the current officers do us the best they can, but they cannot make miracles happen. If you do not fancy taking on the position of club Treasurer, then maybe you can assist or take on other positions? A Secretary is a much needed position too!

I stepped down from the full committee position of Editor of our Newsletter some time ago. I will almost certainly not be able to continue in the reduced role I do forever and count my time in months, not years. Without a Newsletter, there is no voice of the club so it’s a valued part of it. With this Covid pandemic keeping us all locked away, now is a good time to take on a new challenge! The reduced/none events happening make the job easier to get to grips with, so PLEASE consider helping your club?

To misquote Lord Kitchener, Your Club Needs You!