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Foxleigh Barn August 2017

By Steve Rowlands

The weekend of the 5th and 6th of August was the gathering at Foxleigh Barn, the home of Peter and Lin Vandendyke. As it is a ‘private’ event this allows a mixture from any club, friends, relations, etc. just to get together over a very relaxed weekend.

Foxleigh Barn is set in lovely grounds , with  excellent surroundings views of the South Downs, just by Amberley Museum. The two days are your own, to run and sit back, or tinker with those little bits that you have always thought  “how would it run if I just did xxx” you get the idea.

There was a good selection of ‘bring and buy’ housed in it’s own Marquee.

Each day had a Raffle, having lots of prizes on both.

A big thank you to Peter and Lin for the invite and organising  the event .

The event is not restricted to stationary engines! Steamers, tractors, classic cars would all be welcome and we would all like to see them.

If you haven’t tried it, maybe you should!

Currently the committee and I are putting plans together for the Winter evening meetings and hope to have some interesting speakers. For now we will push winter out of our thoughts and enjoy the rest of the season!