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H.H. show at Vallance Byways June 2017

By Ian Sampson

I had  said that I would look after the engine section at this new show held in the fields next to the Aviation Museum. It was booked for two days this year. I went up to the site on Friday to set up the engine pen and arrived early on Saturday. I took a couple of engines and was joined by Michael Brown who also had two engines and that was all we had that day, a good number of cars turned up and a small display of military vehicles, a number of commercials and a few motorcycles.

Trade stalls were dotted around the edge of the field and a few public arrived. On Sunday Michael had another show  to go to but my son Philip arrived with two engines to take his place. Not so many classic cars on Sunday and some of the trade stalls had gone home. I’m not sure about next year it wants a serious look at?