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Wiston Steam Rally 2017

By Steve Rowlands

On the 8th and 9th of July , we attended the Wiston Steam that sits in the grounds of Wiston Park. SEAMS had the same pen layout and location as last year. The camping and vehicle park laid back against the outer edge of the field, which gave a gap between them and the pen, this ensured that the pen could be accessed on all sides. Due to the confusion with the craft tent parking, our camping area was a bit ‘snug’. This was noted by Ian who said, “this will not happen again” and noted it as a job to sort next year.

We did not let this interfere with the weekend, that was very enjoyable with lots of interest around the engine pen. This year Wiston had over 50 steamers, some of those in the working area, with classic cars, buses and commercials all around to see.  To top it all the weather was kind to us.

Thanks as always to Ian for all his efforts.