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Chairman’s Report December/January 2018

By Steve Rowland – Club Chairman

Firstly I must apologise as we were unable to hold our AGM on November the 16th.  The Faygate Village Hall had suffered a water leak that in turn had taken out all the electrics. We only found this out on the Monday prior and Ian did an excellent job of ringing around as many people as he could to let them know. He based the calls on all the members that regularly attend meetings and the 2016 AGM attendance list. This totalled over 20 members and a few that could have been a possible attendees. I would like to say we had to ring all 120 members that we have in SEAMS, but sadly  we never see those sorts of numbers attending. I do hope that all that were intending on going did get the message and I know Ian also put a note on the gate should anybody have turned up on the night. Your committee sends it apologies for any inconvenience caused by this late change to events planned.

We intend to hold the AGM  now in conjunction with our Christmas meeting on the 21st of December, hence the move forward for this edition of Engine Torque. With Christmas approaching the AGM will come around soon so will you please join us and make a note in your diaries. It wont all be AGM as we intend the rest of the evening to be our usual festive social, although can I ask members to leave big collections at home this time please (you can bring them along to the New Year meeting) due to limited space, but the odd item or two as a talking point will be most welcome.

With the Winter coming into focus, it means that jobs in the workshop (heated I hope) can get underway and we look forward to the new rally season to see what people have been up to. We are planning more events throughout next year and we have guest speakers for the January, February and March Winter meetings.

Well that’s about it for 2017, I would just like to wish everyone in SEAMS a Happy Christmas and New Year , unless I see you on the 21st Dec where I can wish you this in person.

Thank you for your support at all the rallies through 2017.