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Pulborough Harvest Fair 23rd September 2017

By John Peters

I was asked to provide a few Stationary Engines for this show last year. As it was at short notice, there were only a few engines but the public response was good so I was asked if it could be made bigger.

This year I arrived early at 8am to find the field deserted so I started making up the pen. Soon stall holders started arriving, slowly filling up the rest of the field. Then a few engine men appeared and much to my surprise by opening time I had 11 engines all in a nice line. On the end was Mark with his Mum and Dad and their model train set.

The stalls were good and a band played live music later in the day. Everyone had a nice day and all where very happy with the event. Thanks to all those that attended and Marks Mum for all the lovely cakes, much appreciated  by all.

So far everybody wants to return next year so it looks like a good show for SEAMS.