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Staplefield 27th May 2018

By Ian Sampson

This show seems to grow in numbers of exhibits every year and with the weather fine that helped with the numbers. I went on the Sunday to the show site to meet John and Heather to set up our section and help where else we could. I took rope and stakes and we soon had it sorted, we did a bit of other fence around the site. When lunch time came around we went over the pub for a Sunday roast. Monday arrived and I got there about 8.30 and was soon joined by Derek Funnell. By 9am a few more had arrived followed by the others later. We had to squeeze up a bit due to more turning that I did not know about but we got them in. We had a good day with a lot of cars turning up and some motorcycles and commercials. All too soon the show was over and the site cleared.