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S.E.A.M.S AGM Report – Friday 19th November

Our AGM had a good attendance of about 17 people, and appreciate that’s about 20% of our members. We received apologies from Bill Ovenden, Mark Tewkesbury, Peter Hoyles, Nick Giles and Richard Cross. The proceedings got underway at 8pm with reports from myself and Jon Foster, then back to me as temporary Treasurer and followed by John Peters supported by Ian Sampson. You will see enclosed a copy of the Nov 20 to Nov 21 accounts, these were proposed by Alan Goodchild and seconded by Michael Brown.

We then voted for re-election of the Committee (on group) as it stands with a few members taking on dual roles. This was proposed by Peter Vandendyck and seconded by Michael Brown. Alan Goodchild attended the AGM so we asked if he could pass on all our thanks to Sue for picking up the newsletter editor role and managing the website. We then, after discussions agreed to make our usual Christmas donation of £50 to The Royal Marsden Hospital.

In Any Other Business a few points were raised.

1. It was discussed that the SEAMS 30th anniversary write up featured in Stationary Engine Magazine, did not reflect the views of a large cross section of the members gathered at the AGM. I would like to say that looking through my emails, I was sent this to look through, but I probably didn’t read it as deep as I should. At the time this could not be sent to all to proof read, but a lesson must be learnt that a more conservative approach must be taken in this current society that to consider all potential readers.

2. It was said that it was felt that I was a hard person to get hold of, this I struggled to believe. I do appreciate I am in the heart of a large PLC company, but my contact details are on the back of every newsletter and also more recently repeated in my Chairman’s report. This can be by phone, its never switched off, by email and by post. I may not always be able to answer at the time, but I would like to think I have always got back to any missed call or email received.

3. We spoke of potential sponsorship with an advert going into our newsletter, as a potential 80-100 go out and could help advertise businesses for a small contribution. This is being looked into. We closed with another hot drink and biscuits and a raffle, many thanks to all. Steve Rowland