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S.E.A.M.S. at Hassocks Garden Centre

On Sunday 30th of October the Stationary Engine Agricultural Society (SEAMS) held an ‘End of Season Breakfast Gas Up’ meet at Hassocks Garden Centre.

We are very fortunate that since the owners have given us permission to re-locate to their car park, we have seen greater interest shown by the public in our displays.

As we drove in the pouring rain to the venue, I was skeptical with regards how many club members would support the event. The aim was to arrive at about 08:30am, unload, get the ropes and pins erected which was achieved; then thanks to the center’s management opening their restaurant half an hour early, we were able partake of breakfast.

By the time we had returned to the engines the rain had all but stopped, so sheets were taken off in preparation to await the general public; it was not long before we had the engines up and running, with a good mixture of engines makes and models on display.

On a personal note, I was very pleased to see Luke Huckle, who had recently bought my Father-in-Law’s, (Cyril Napper) 2¼hp Amanco Hired-Man which had sat for at least three years. Luke said after a charge of fuel the engine fired up straight away, which was pleasing for Cyril. SEAMS meet at the Hassocks Garden Center twice a year, March and October; so we would be pleased to see more members.

I have sent this report to appear in Stationary Engine but will have a different selection of pictures showing the engines, so more members get coverage.

Steve Rowland