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Rudgwick Steam and Country Show 23-25th August 2014

This August bank holiday weekend I (as always) attended the above show. I arrived at about 1pm with my first of two trailer loads, which being so local, this is easy to do. I say the first trip but on Monday evening prior to the event, I spent time with Ian Sampson setting up the SEAMS pen posts and ropes. The rally field looks such a blank canvas without its exhibits. Brian, Chrissie and Simon Tullett were busy sorting out the P.A. too.

We had a good varied show in the SEAMS pen with about 15-20 engines on display. Steve Mills had brought along his ‘new’ Ruston IP which was only acquired on the Tuesday of that week! It started OK but there were a few problems, although with the SEAMS crowd all gathered round things soon improved and he must have been very pleased because it ran very well on the Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday were busy days with lots of public and a good selection of exhibits, trade stands and ‘junk’ stalls although it’s not junk if that vital part you need is just staring you in the face!

The arena always seems to attract a good crowd, with Brian sharing his wealth of knowledge with the public.

Sunday night, once dark all manner of vehicles paraded around the arena, all decorated in coloured lights and lanterns.

A few aircraft were spotted over the weekend by our intrepid aviation enthusiast Ian on their way to the Dunsfold event just down the road. We saw a Canberra bomber and Hunter and the Vulcan could be heard in the distance.

Monday was a different story. We all knew and had seen the wet weather warnings. It started wet and remained so. Only a few brave public wandered round. Engines stayed covered up until after lunch when people began to pack up. I believe Cyril and myself were the last to leave about 3.30pm, me determined not to have to make two journeys, so it was all crammed on the trailer! What’s more Cyril’s Campervan refused to move in the slippery conditions so the Land Rover had to pull a very heavy trailer, Cyril’s camper and his trailer on to the hard roads on the site, something which I’m pleased to say it achieved with ease! Good old Land Rover.

A shame really about the ending but it was a good weekend. Lets hope next year is back to sunshine!


by Steve Rowland