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Open Evening at High Beeches 13th August 2015

by Richard Amos

Having completed the work to restore the Hayward Tyler engine, we thought an open evening for club members was a good idea before the evenings drew in too much. The evening of 13th August, only a couple of weeks away, was chosen and things set in motion. Too late to publicise via the newsletter, Ian and myself rang those within convenient travelling distance and generally “put the word out” about the event.

On the day the weather was atrocious, raining heavily for most of the morning. However, with a gazebo in the back of the car and a warm (when we got the fire going) welcome in the engine house, we didn’t expect anyone to get wet so we went ahead. We needn’t have worried, the evening was dry and relatively warm but sadly not the sunny one we had hoped for.

About 20 club members turned out to see the engine running very well indeed. I laid on some grub for those coming direct from work and we had some oil lamps going in the engine house so as the evening drew in it was pretty cosy in the pump house. A successful event, enjoyed I think by all those who attended. Our apologies to those who would have liked to come but we were not able to notify.

Next year we hope to repeat this event with prior notice via the newsletter.