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10th Foxleigh Barn Social Event 8/9th August 2015

by the SEAMS Edior and Pete and Lin Vandendyck

This event just goes from success to success. Having previously been under a club banner and following the demise of the Northchapel Steam Show, Pete and Lin felt they would like to take on organising the event themselves and make it open to anyone. They also wanted to put on something special for the 10th Anniversary.

That they excelled in this is apparent by the numbers there with 35 engines attending and 65 people at the Saturday evening BBQ! The editor attended as a visitor on the Sunday only and can say it was a very nice event, the weather was perfect and what more could you want for? Anyway I will let Pete and Lin add the final word. Ed.

“We would like to thank everyone who came to the 10th Foxleigh Get Together and made it such an enjoyable and successful weekend. Special thanks to everyone who helped, Nick head chef! who cooked us such a smashing barbeque, Marilyn, John & Heather, also Tony & Sylvia, Brenda & Gloria, not forgetting the old bar steward Pete! We would also like to thank all of you who sent us Cards, emails, gifts, thanks & good wishes. The final expenses tally has been done for the weekend and the balance of £60, which includes monies from the late John Smith and those who could not attend has been donated to the St.Michaels Church, Amberley roof repair fund”