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Liss Steam Show 12/13th July 2014

I have been going to this show for about 3 or 4 years and it is a good smallish show with around 200 exhibits.

I arrived at around midday on Friday with my son Philip on my tail, Richard had just arrived minutes before us. Soon we had been shown where to set up the caravans and settled down for the weekend. The show slowly set up and after dinner Friday Evening, Richard, Michael and myself decided to walk down to the local pub, about 200 yards down the road. We had some beer and as we left we went to have a look at the local church, as we were looking at some of the grave stones and at the building itself, the church warden turned up to open the church and he invited us in to look around the interior. He told us about the history of the church which some parts date back to the 13th century, very interesting.

Saturday we set up the engines and as the public arrived we started them. There was not a lot of public on that day but quite a lot more came on Sunday, also on Sunday a lot more exhibits turned up so it was a good show.

At least a dozen full size steam engines and the same with small steamers, there were some very nice cars on Sunday and some interesting World War Two German motorcycles with sidecars. Three of them had driven sidecar wheels, also they had reverse gears! The show was very good, the only thing that they did was to rearrange the field by increasing the display size but they did it a bit too much so that there was a number of empty spaces but I am sure that will be sorted by next year.

Ian Sampson