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Ian’s Diary

by Ian Sampson

I hope all of you are keeping fit and well in these hard times, have you been keeping busy hopefully restoring something maybe an engine, water pump or something else? As we come into Winter and it will get colder, what about Christmas, I don’t no what will happen yet.

My current project after finishing the H3 water pump is my H2 pump which is in bits being rubbed down to repaint, I have a H1 pump already done up, the next job is a small mill to do up. I have many projects to keep me busy, but as Winter creeps on and it’s wet and cold, one sometimes can’t get into gear! My small Lister generating set is in need of work and a single flywheel Lister A has a magneto problem, but I have a spare magneto to go on later. Another job is to cure a small leak in my shed but that means getting on top of the shed to reseal it. The garden is almost finished, just a few sprout plants and some beetroot to harvest. Let’s hope after Christmas we might be able to get together for a meeting or gas up or BBQ, let’s see what happens… anyway please all of you keep happy, fit and well.