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The Cranleigh Car Show 12th August 2018

By Steve Rowland

Cyril and I arrived first and were greeted by a Marshall who said ‘SEAMS in that middle pen’. Bemused I thought about this and said ‘you do know that there are 20 cars and potential trailers that will all need to unload Stationary Engines and will be surrounded by the classic cars, not to

mention we will need to rope all around this pen!…we usually go over against that hedge.’ He saw the problem and was absolutely superb. He got on the radio, spoke with a few organisers and the relocation was on! (excellent flexible practical organising)

It was a good show as always, a great mix of cars and bikes along with the Stationary Engines. There is also a well-represented auto jumble/junk stalls always good for a look around.

This year it was presented by Mark Evans, who I believe is local to us, and if you have followed him, presented some really good TV shows on bike, plane and car restorations.

The forecast was not great, but we defied it and managed to stay dry  with only a couple of spots to pack up with. Well done again to Ian for arranging our entry.