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Chairman’s Report – April/May 2019

Dear Members

The year seems to be charging on and I never really know when to stop saying “ Happy New Year “ … Well,  February seems a good time to stop but I still wish this to all of you. The main thing to report on for me was the New Year gas up at Faygate village hall. This was held on the 6th of January as published and was open  to all members who could either bring an engine or just turn up to meet and have a chat. This year we decided to try and make it an event that had a decent amount of refreshments and food as we felt the 2018 event was a bit lacking. Well,  we had many hot dogs and burgers, the BBQ equipment supplied courtesy of Jonny P.  John and I attempted to cook and keep up with the crowds. I am not really a cook, so don’t tell my good Lady.

Other members brought along other delights along with Pippa and Victoria’s cakes and one of Alan’s specials, a thank you to all. Now, I could not believe the turn out, it seemed like a second edition of the AGM., We must of had 50 people and 19 or so engines. Thanks to all that turned out,  with and without an engine, and it was great to see some new members at this event.

A lot to live up to for 2020 but I do hope everybody enjoyed it. Membership numbers are climbing so it you have not re- joined please do so asap. The committee are working hard to secure a few of the well known events that some of you may have heard were in contention. We will keep you informed when we have feed back on these (The Amberley Stationary engine day and Weald and Downland Autumn show being a couple under discussion – Ed).

Not much more to say other than as the weather improves, we hope to see you all around the rally fields in the coming months.

Steve Rowland

SEAMS Chairman

If you have not yet rejoined the club for 2019 season please do so as soon as possible. Your membership is not valid until you do so and you and your engines  will be uninsured from January this year until you renew. Ed