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Chairman’s Report Winter 2024

Dear Members

Welcome to this winter edition of the SEAMS Newsletter.

We had a really good turnout and I thank everyone who was able to attend. Inclusive of committee members, we had 24 on the night.

A full transcript is published further on in this issue, but for me some of the pleasing parts were where we all agreed to keep Winter club nights, from the November AGM to December pre-Christmas meet to our New Year BBQ held this year on 14th January.

It was great to welcome 3 new members to this event, P Watmore, Wayne Coker and Nathan Collins but more about the Gas Up later.

Club Winter Meetings
February 16th: We have the second part of the talk from Robert Harris on Harris Fun Fair.
March 15th: We have a projector show from Dave Ralf who has taken a lot of time scanning hundreds of pictures that have been passed to Alan Harris.

The printing and distribution of the Newsletter was discussed. Firstly, to keep newsletters to 4 editions being Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Currently the Newsletter is edited by Sue Goodchild performing an excellent job, with info from myself and committee members with additions from any member contributions.

It is then put into envelopes and posted by Peter Hoyles. Printing and distribution fits best with the current SEAMS committee that produce it, and it was agreed unanimously to continue in
this way.

It will now be possible to receive your Newsletter by email by completing the form with your renewal membership, but it is not a problem if a printed version is preferred.

Changes to Committee:
The main changes in committee are that John Peters will stand down as events secretary, thanks to John for this service.

We welcome Andy Skinner as Events Secretary where John committed to initially working with Andy regarding contracts for the various events. We also welcome Tom Harvey as Committee Helper and has kindly offered to store the club BBQ.

One thing I am currently looking into is a club trophy in memory of Ian Sampson. I have been in contact with Phil Sampson and family with some suggested looking trophies that can have the
awarded person’s name engraved and added each year. The trophy would be presented and change hands at every AGM. Through our discussions, I asked Phil to decide the best category i.e. best
contribution to the club, but happy with whatever they decide.

Welcoming other new members for 2024, Mr. T Cox, Mr. K Pearce, Mr. P Witmore (so we have a father and son team) Mr. A Haydon and Mr. P Harding.

Well, I would just like to say the 2024 season is approaching and I look forward to seeing you around the rally fields. Don’t forget, if you have been working on any winter projects or visited a
museum or event, we would love to hear about it and publish it in future Newsletters.

Steve Rowland