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Chairman’s Report November/December 2016

On the Thursday 20th of October it was the first winter meeting of SEAMS members at Faygate Village hall.

There was a good turnout of members and we were treated to a selection of Videos and still pictures from Rally’s throughout 2016 that had been attended by Richard Amos and Mark Tewkesbury.

As usual the evening is broken up into two halves allowing a break for Tea and Coffee half way through. The break is always complemented by a slice of Alan’s excellent cake.

We also have a raffle for which the tickets are one pound a strip and with a selection of prizes, the proceeds of which all helps keep your club going.

This was a really good evening and it is the first of many we have planned for the third Thursday of each month. The door opens at 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Please come and support your club during the winter months and I think you will find that it makes a good evening to catch up with other members and swap those stories and objects that pass between club members.

This brings me onto the November meeting on Thursday the 17th. I can appreciate as the weather turns more wintery and the nights now are dark of an evening it makes it less appealing and sometimes difficult for some members to drive at night to this event. However, the November meeting is so important because it is the SEAMS AGM… Now this is not as exciting as a film show or a guest speaker but does represent a very important meeting for all club members. We do need to hold an AGM to ensure that you the members are all happy with the current committee’s efforts and have a chance to change that by your vote, with also an opportunity to put forward any of those thoughts and suggestions you may have.

Your current committee organises many of the events that you attend, produce the newsletter and ensure that you have insurance with your club fees. Should you feel that the committee needs to change, please bear in mind my request earlier this year for club members to join the committee. To date we have not received any applicants or interest so sometimes it is the devil you know.

SEAMS is very proud that this is its 25th year and my part as Chairman so far has only been for a short time in its history, but I am very keen that the club continues and your attendance and contribution at the AGM is important in ensuring this.

Steve Rowland