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Chairman’s Report July/August 2019

Dear Members,

I must open by saying how pleased all the committee, and I’m sure you the members, are that Mark Tewkesbury has been able to take back looking after the SEAMS newsletter, although a permanent Editor on the committee would be nice. So apologies again for my May/June attempt.

I will give some feedback on the Staplefield event as a separate item as other committee members will on recent events. Please note everyone is welcome to have an article published in our newsletter. It does not have to be a report on an event. I am sure over the years many projects, even activities during your career, have taken place we would all enjoy reading about.

One event that I would not normally write about in this current newsletter is the SEAMS Summer BBQ that was held on the evening of the 27th June at Faygate Village Hall. This was another good gathering, the weather being kind but with a keen wind. I must say a big thank you to Colin and Bill for bringing the only engine and braving the wind to get it fired up.

Now I must make some apologies as some members turned up but unfortunately did not receive a very good reception, being asked “did they book” which did not come over very well.

Firstly I would like to apologise if this did come over as being rude, I don’t think that was the intention but delivery is everything! Secondly, as a failing, I had not made it clear in the newsletters running up to the BBQ that people wishing to attend should kindly let Ian know as he would be organising the catering/finances.

I have personally phoned the individual and apologised for this incident and our failings.

There are lots of Rallies coming up over the Summer months so I wish all members safe and happy exhibiting.

Steve Rowland.

SEAMS Chairman