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Chairman’s Report July 2018

By Steve Rowland

Dear Members

The year is now marching on and by the time you read this we will be into July!

I have a few important points to cover in this report . Firstly in the last newsletter I stated that SEAMS were looking at and reviewing how to progress on the holding of personal information in light of the new data protection laws that have come into force. As stated before SEAMS does not hold what I call massively important things, only names and addresses that allow us to send each member a newsletter and their membership cards and renewal. After reviewing all the info and the correct procedure on how to proceed we will be taking the following action.

As all the club members receive this newsletter we feel that everybody has been informed.

The club will hold such personal details such as names and addresses of each of it’s members for the sole purpose of sending newsletters and membership cards.

Should any Member wish SEAMS not to hold this information, they must put this in writing to Jon Foster at 18A, Newham Land, Steyning BN44 3LR.

Please note , this does mean that you will not receive a newsletter! and will have to collect your membership cards from a club meeting/event.

The second point I would like to raise is to clarify the situation on people who exhibit abroad. Your insurance can cover you for this, but the procedure must be as follows.

Contact your committee and inform them of where you are travelling to.

They will speak with the insurance broker as they have designated rights and come back to the member concerned. A club member must not contact the insurers  direct, as they will not be recognised by them.

Now on with the lighter stuff. As you know SEAMS has a club engine. This is quite a rare Lister A of 1923 vintage being the 5th production engine of this type and the 3rd oldest in preservation. Only approx 30-50 engines of this exact model were made before improvements were added. Some would of seen it at the Hassocks Bring & Buy on the 25th March, where Richard Amos brought it along for its first outing post restoration.

What this engine needs is someone to take it on, by this I mean it will be the clubs property as these assets only ever seem to go up in valve (good

for the club), but the member that takes it on, can rally where they like and when they like. It would remain at their home while they are the custodian, but it would be good to show on the rally board that it’s a SEAMS engine to spread the work of the club. Again anybody interested please let us know.

Thinking of Hassocks for the late season event. We are not calling it a Bring and Buy as we have had less attending year on year. It will now be know as the Hassocks Gas Up and will be held on the 28th October, where people are free to bring their “clutter” should they wish to sell a few items alongside their engine. We will not require a fee for this, but the club feels as it is such a good venue and the relationship that John Peters has built up, it would be a shame to loose this event. This will be added to the full list of events at the back of the newsletter.

Just a reminder that our trip to Swindon organised by John and Heather is approaching and we do need all the funds in for this so we ensure we are all fully booked up. It should be a good trip.

I am writing this the day after the Club BBQ at Faygate. I will write in more detail in the next newsletter but for anybody that did miss it, all I can say is you did miss out, so be sure to be there next year. We have already put in our weather booking as it was answered this year with a glorious evening.

See you around the rally field and be safe.