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Boxing Day Event, Carfax, Horsham

Every year for a good number of years, the Steam group in Horsham have met up at a few places on Boxing Day. I have travelled from Horsham to the Gate public house north of Rusper, but this pub closed down so a new venue was found. For the last three or four years they have been to the pub in Slinfold.

A few years ago, I watched the Steamers from the roundabout at Broadbridge Heath and two years ago we watched them coming out of their yard in Horsham. In 2016 we went to the Carfax where the steamers collect in the Carfax after spending the morning at Slinfold.

There were about seven or eight this time with some in the bus bays and some outside the Stout House. Several classic vehicles were in attendance, a couple of Jeeps, a lovely old Rolls Royce belonging to Mr Searle senior, a couple of old motorcycles and some tractors. After a short stop in the pub for the owners they started leaving around 4pm.

A good number of public with some just viewing and some enthusiasts. They will be back this year.