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Should we… shouldn’t we?

Here is another of those questions that seem to plague the engine movement i.e. should I paint it or leave it in its working clothes???

This one will also bring as many differing opinions, Why do show organisers require stationary engines to run all day ?? It so happens that we are the only group that has this requirement of us, cars, lorries, tractors, motorbikes, horses, birds of prey, every other exhibitor has the option of going round the show to see what’s on offer and to talk to other exhibitors of differing classes. Also with the cost of fuel and the ecological demand to cut down on emissions why do shows still require it? Its not just the fuel money that we would save because we would spend that with the auto jumble or the food or ice cream vans ( I would anyway ).

My view is that if there was a sign stating that the engines will run maybe 2 hrs. in the morning and 2hrs. in the afternoon then the public would return to see us start and run them and between times they would talk to us and ask questions about our hobby as it would be easier to talk without the engines running. We have all seen how the public gather when an engine is being started ( I think they hope it wont ), feeding times at the zoo spring to mind. I feel that when I leave a show I have seen very little and only spoken to other engine men.

Lets hear your alternative views?