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SEVAC Townings Farm Working 31st August to 1st September 2013

Each year, at the end of Harvest, SEVAC tractor club have a working weekend at Townings Farm, Chailey Common, where they cut corn and thresh it out. Also for the tractors there is ploughing, discing, harrowing and other tractor duties. This year they organised a ‘Bread Race’, that’s not to see who can eat a loaf the fastest, but to show visitors how bread is made form standing corn to an edible loaf (this is not some new fangled idea but a very old show tradition. Ed) There was cutting the corn, collecting it and putting through the threshing drum, then ground in a mill to make the flour, then mated with the yeast and into the oven! The public were really interested and the taste was also interesting.

During the planning of this event, I was asked if I could bring an engine and a corn grinder to make the flour. Well one engine look lonely so I asked several members of SEAMS to bring an engine. We managed 8 engines and driven equipment, made a really nice line up and some really fine flour. Apart from this, the farm owners had organised sheep shearing local made food, birds of prey, sausage making, hedge laying a vintage fun fair ride for the youngsters and of course the beer tent! all held in glorious sunshine for the weekend.

Next year the farm plans to expand the working weekend and SEAMS have been asked if they would like to support them in this venture. A bigger line of engines with driven equipment for making flour, crushing apples to make Cider and any other work our engines can do is requested. As details come up I will put it in the newsletter so if you fancy a ‘Darling Buds of May’ weekend, you can put it in your diary.

I know that I and the other ‘engine boys’ had a very enjoyable weekend and are looking forward to next year. Lets hope the weather is just as good.

Chris Page