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SEAMS Report – Hassocks Garden Centre, Gas Up and Breakfast – 20th March 2022

There was a good turn out and the weather was kind.

The owners of the Garden Centre had made a decision based on their thoughts that when we were sited at the very top of the car park, that we did not get as many visitors as we
should. So, they kindly suggested that they would give up an area of their car park (at a potential loss of revenue to them) and move us to an area that public have to go by.
This was done and once a decision was made as to the best way to line up the vehicles and engines, it seemed to work. I appreciate that this did mean that some vehicles ended up opposite
their engines, but with Heath and Safety in mind (we applied the look left and right rule before we crossed. We had good attendance of about 20 SEAMS people and must have been a dozen engines.

Great thanks to the owners of the Garden Centre who give up their time and space, and only asked for a small donation to charity from all who attended.

John Peters
SEAMS Events Secretary and
Health & Safety Officer