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SEAMS at Parham – 8th and 9th July 2023

Stuart P6 and Pump – Entered by Mr Gray













SEAMS were delighted to be invited back for the 2023 Parham Steam Rally held on the weekend of 8th and 9th July 2023.

In 2022 being the organisers’ first year back to the site for some time, our pitch even though in a good location, some stationary men commented that it was a bit rough. Not so this year, being in contact with organisers over the winter break they had said we could move the pitch over where the ground was greatly improved.

Fowler Shearing Set entered by Phil Sampson

On the Thursday before the weekend Phil Sampson, son of the late Ian Sampson and I set off to Parham to rope out the engine pen.

We arrived to a great welcome and sure enough our new location had been catered for. Phil and family had been camping that weekend so he had brought his caravan on this first trip down. We set to and took the caravan to the camping field first. I have never camped at Parham myself, mainly due to not having a caravan/camper, but this is a great area to the rear of the site which the engine pen backs onto nicely segregated by a wooded area. Back to the job in hand. In 2022 we employed a new tactic of roping out the pen in a “U” shape as opposed to in a line, with the idea that it funnels the public in, so this is how we set up for 2023.

We have a few key members that have sets of pins and ropes and Phil’s set was used for the Parham set up. We marked out with military precision the spaces of the ropes and catered for our expected number of entries. Unfortunately, there was another event on that weekend and our members were torn between them and potentially for some even the 2022 ground putting them off, even though the club had said the organisers were going to address that for 2023. We had a good turn out and as usual a good chance to catch up and talk engines, not only with attending members but with visiting public as there is always someone you know.

Wolseley WD2 & Corn Mill entered by    Rowan Sampson

You are always watching the weather and Saturday there were a few rain clouds about that decided to let go with a few claps of thunder as well. The public filled gazebos and marquees like fleeing mice and us rally men huddled under umbrellas with engines still going strong. This was only short lived, and everybody was back out in the sun as if nothing had happened. It even didn’t affect the ground so the steamers could resume driving the whole site. The SEAMS engine pen was just back behind the arena so we could all get a great view of what was going on.

Radio Sussex Interview Sean Murrell

We were visited by Radio Sussex and as you can see from the picture Sean Murrell who is our Facebook Manager conducted an interview.

Bernard-Moteurs W2 & Pump entered by Sean Murrell

I thank all of our members that were able to attend along with thanks to the organisers, see you in 2024.

By Steve Rowland – Chairman/Treasurer