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Partridge Green Village Fete and Nutley Windmill 29th and 30th June

Partridge GreenSeveral of us were approached by Ian at a previous event to attend the Village Fete in Partridge Green. This looked to be a good venue (held on the King George V Playing Fields) so I got the family roped in as well with the train set. We arrived early and got a good site along the hard avenue leading in to the main field. Ian soon arrived along with the other exhibitors and they set up alongside.

It was nice to see Doris Monnery out and about with Maureen and John. Eric Taylor brought along his Lister N type, always impressive, which drew a lot of interest. Tom, Luke and Nick were left in watchful charge of the Ruston compressor engine enjoying its first full test run. John Moss brought along one of his Stuarts which ran for most of the afternoon, a feat in itself! and Derek Funnell and Philip Sampson made up the rest of line.

The following day it was up early again and off to Ashdown Forest and a small event held at Nutley Windmill. This is a vintage gathering with Cars, Motorbikes, Rural Crafts and of course engines! The section is run by S&KWSEG Vice Chairman, Neil Harris. There was quite a line of engines by the time I got there stretching round one side of the mill and along the field. There were several SEAMS members there with Peter Orchard, Steve Durrant and Chris Sutton with his Wheel Horses.

The Bradford powered one, last seen at Saddlescombe Farm was almost completely transformed with the bodywork looking like new. Chris is just waiting for a break in events to get on with painting the engine. The windmill is quite interesting as it is the oldest working and only open trestle mill in Sussex. There was a stiff breeze blowing and it was a bit unnerving on entering the mill to feel it rocking slightly in the wind!

Two very good days out with nice weather too.