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Oakwood Hill Flower Show August 13th 2016

I have been going to this event now for some years and it’s always a very good day out in good company with a very warm welcome from the organisers.

Luke and Tom set up a fine display with a Teles dragsaw cutting slices off a tree trunk which were reduced to kindling by a National Diesel engine driving a stick copper. A real working exhibit drawing the public with sawdust and kindling everywhere. Whenever they fired up the Teles ‘two man’ chainsaw the noise drew visitors over.

Alan Harris brought a Lister A type, the first engine he restored and which originally belonged to his father. I took a Lorenz 3-4 hp along. Andy Thompson brought his very original Economy. Andy is normally involved with cutting wood (one way or another) so a small radial saw driven by the Economy satisfied his need to ‘cut something up’…

The day was warm and sunny and the show had plenty to keep visitors busy. Displays ranged from Parrots from the Parrot  rescue centre, owls geese, donkeys and horses. There was a rather mouth watering range of foods for that ‘light lunch’ anything from Jamaica (I think !) to burgers and the cider makers were there too (if only I wasn’t driving!

The Tewksbury’s had put on a  display of TTR model trains running on a nice track layout in the main building, we didn’t get to see much of Mark during the day but I’m sure he was happy and went home less burnt than the rest of us.