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News from the Editor

I shall introduce the good news first. With Winter now behind us it was fantastic to have 2 great events almost back to back! We started off with the Bring and Buy on what must have been the best day ever at Hassocks with sunshine! There were plenty of traders and engines on display, all in all a great day out. Two weeks later and despite some damp days in between, Hurst Farm went off just as well.

There was some brisk dealing through the morning and some of Paul Cooks reserve collection have found new homes, there is still plenty left and included in this issue is a list of remaining items for sale. A good number brought along engines to show and Jackie Cook and her helpers did us proud with the food, Thank You. Adrian Cook, Malcolm Duffield and others managed to get most of Paul’s engines running, which was nice to see. The raffle was popular and I am advised by Jackie that the sum raised for Royal Marsden, including donations topped £450! Well done all those that supported this good cause.

The club night season finished off with an interesting talk on the Wey and Arun canal and Brewhurst Mill, which was well attended, including Cyril Napper just a few days after having a successful operation, and on a nice evening in April a few of us had a great tour round West Blatchington Windmill. Saddlescombe Farm Lambing Day went OK by all accounts with a good amount of interest shown in the engine display from the public.

Now the not so good news…. Late last year, Doris Monnery was taken ill and had a short spell in hospital. This was followed by several more visits and unfortunately just a week short of her 91st Birthday, Doris passed away in March. Doris and Fred will always be remembered for the great help they were to the club over many years often with their daughter and partner Maureen and John. The service was held at Findon on yet another Sunny day in April and it was nice to see so many engine friends turn out to see Doris on her way, finally reunited with her beloved husband Fred. Thoughts are with Maureen and John, having lost several members of the family over a short space of time.

As if saying farewell to one club stalwart was bad enough, I have to report of another. Our Membership Secretary and Insurance Officer, Tony Peirce passed away over the Easter weekend after a short battle with cancer. Tony had been on the scene for many years having an interest when engines could be bought for just a few pounds. I always found Tony to be a very pleasant chap, willing to help others where he could and regaling us with stories of his past including his love of aviation, cars & photography. His wife Pauline, also did much work behind the scenes and they always had best intentions in mind in everything they did for the club. The committee extend their heartfelt sympathies to Pauline and Andrew at their loss. Tony will be a hard act to follow, just like Paul Cook. Two great committee members lost in less than a year, if there is any time a club needs the support of it members, now is that time!

Following this news, Ian Sampson has agreed to step up to the post of Membership Secretary so please direct any enquiries to him.
Tony of course had been involved with the Lions show at Buckingham Park. In view of this news, Jon Foster has very kindly agreed to run Buckingham Park with assistance but we need some entries please to make this event a worthy tribute to Tony Peirce.

Just as I was putting this edition to bed came the sad news of yet another SEAMS member having passed away. Those of you who attended Winter meetings may have met Paul Johnson, friend and rally companion of Vice Chairman Steve Roland. Pauls father Colin, also a SEAMS member unfortunately passed away in late April after a battle with the dreaded ‘C’. I am sure you will join me in giving Paul and his family sincerest condolences at this difficult time.

Another goodbye, is to Denzil Ham who is moving ‘back home’ to Cornwall, although he assures me he will be back from time to time. Thanks for all your help over the years Denzil, it is appreciated.

I have been reminded that Paul Harding, a long standing member, suffered a stroke recently and has been recovering in hospital. I understand it will be a long job. Paul, if you are reading this, keep smiling and we look forward to seeing you sometime on the rally field.

Cobbs Mill, Dr. Tom Smith has asked us to attend the Mill during the Summer and a date has been set of Sunday 20th July for a small gas-up there (see events) and a chance to see the Tangye engine working.

Club Barbeque, this year we have a change and a new venue of Faygate Village Hall. The date is Thursday 26th June from 6pm and we will be holding a small gas-up too! So bring along an engine, enjoy some nosh and a good chinwag… what could be better! No price has been fixed yet but please contact Ian ASAP to book your food. No prior arrangement – No catering, Simples.

Finally closing date for the next newsletter will be end of June.

Mark Tewkesbury