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Hassocks November Gas-up and Bring and Buy

When I woke up and saw the weather, I thought that no one would show up so I set off in trepidation wondering what was to be was to be. The roads were flooded, the wind was cold and the rain just kept coming, but upon arrival Peter was already there.  A few more came and then a few more, we all sat in our vehicles and thought about it for a while, the rain relented a bit so out came a few stalls, a bit of wheeling and dealing took place.

It wasn’t long before the rain returned,  so we all took cover in and under boots or in the back of any-ones vehicles, it relented again so out we all came and all did a bit more bartering.  Engines were then unloaded and run, as there seemed to be a bit of a break in the weather.  We decided it must be breakfast time so off we went to have a nice fry-up in the excellent cafe.

The rain did stop in the end and the sun did its best to shine, we even had a few members of the public walking around to see what all the fuss was about. The garden centre was very busy with the added bonus of the London to Brighton Veteran car run taking place passing the entrance.

We had a nice selection of engines but the weather did put a few people off, but those who came enjoyed the day.

Our next gas up and bring and buy sale will take place in March, hope see you there and with some sunshine.

Jon Foster