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Club Members Visit to Internal Fire

Internal Fire

Over the Easter weekend a gang of SEAMS members ‘hot footed’ it to Wales to see the SEAMS Allen running at Internal Fires 10th anniversary event.

Tony Harcombe, Charles Marsland and Allan Harris had a great few days, stopping in at the Gwili Railway near Carmarthen on the way. They had the chance to see many of Internal Fires engines running, with the first start of the Worthington Simpson after several years probably the highlight.

Both ex-Leatherhead Waterworks engines were running with the Allen S47 (last seen working by Tony in situ in the 80’s) started several times each day and the SEAMS Allen S30 run pretty well constantly all weekend.

An oil leak developed late Sunday which kept Charles and Allan busy on the Monday morning stripping the timing cases off and refitting then after a thorough clean. Seen here are Tony, Hazel Evans, Allan, Paul Evans and Charles in front of the SEAMS Allen.

If you have not been to see it, please do go and give your support to Paul and Hazel but don’t forget to take the overalls just in case!

Picture courtesy of Internal Fire volunteer Peter Norman