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Chairman’s Report – Spring 2024

Welcome to the “Spring Edition” of the SEAMS newsletter.

As the year seems to be marching on, I thought I’d better get going especially as from my writing it goes to Sue to edit and create the format you receive it in, to the printers and to Peter to fold/envelope and post out. To-date we have received 3 applications for an email copy which is fine as SEAMS is more than happy to print, as for myself I do not know where I have put it should I need to refer to it.

The winter meetings have finished now, and we/the committee were very encouraged by firstly the amount of people who attended the AGM in November, and secondly by the overwhelming enthusiasm to keep the winter meetings, the feedback was to ensure we had speakers on activities to make people want to attend.  Well in December we had the Christmas gathering and in January the New Years gas up and BBQ that was well attended (thank you).  For February John Peters organised a talk and picture show by Robert Harris of Harris Fun Fair Fame.  This was very interesting and showed early rides, locations and where the fairs are/can be held plus the history and laws of how the fairs have certain rights to be held at certain times in the year.  I have to say it was a little embarrassing on how low the attendance was, I believe 9 with John and myself.  Appreciate too that some were unable to attend due to medical reasons and made us aware beforehand.

I now move to March 15th, as we know an extensive picture archive came to SEAMS from the late David Edgington and is held on behalf of the club by Alan Harris.  There were so many albums containing countless pictures. David Ralf took on the challenge to individually scan these and where possible a small narrative, text or title was added so they could be remembered.  So, to our February gathering (always 3-week month), David put on an excellent show and we all got carried away with the half time break running over and the clock was heading towards 11pm when we called it a night.  Many thanks to David for all his hard work where I know you have spent many hours putting these to this format.  Again, I have to say disappointing on the support from SEAMS members with half a dozen attending.   We always pay for our speakers, but David kindly wavered any fee, thank you again.

So, 2024 – you would have seen in the winter newsletter we had some published event dates.  Peter and Lin have kindly invited us back to Foxleigh Barn, (27th & 28th July), a great time to “chill out” and potentially bring that engine that does not always run, that would be a pain at a show but at Foxleigh there are many people around that will help figure out why it “gives you this grief”.  With our new BBQ first seen at the 2024 New Year gas up, John and I intend to hold a BBQ on the Saturday afternoon.  Please let Peter & Lin know if you are coming.

The first event of the year was the Hassocks Garden Centre Breakfast and gas up meeting held on 24th March.  It was an excellent turn out so many thanks to all that could make it.  Good to meet everybody and once our engines were unloaded it was time to go for the early morning breakfast and a chat.  On returning to our pitch, we were able to get running.  It was a great day and detailed more in John and I’s report later in the newsletter.

I was contacted by “Josh Harding “Nephew of Paul Harding”, who was saying he has been invited to an event in Selsey, which is quite close to the sea. This is NOT a SEAMS event, but I said I would put the details in the newsletter, should anybody want to participate. It is on Saturday 22nd June set up will be 11-11.30 with the even taking place from 1pm to 6pm (parking with your exhibit). Please contact Josh direct on 07999 806 664.

One thing not related to Stationary Engines, but as I have said, members are welcome to share things they have done, only recently Lynn and I were invited to a 80th Birthday gathering , it was at “Headcorn Aerodrome“ near Maidenhead as our old neighbor (not because he is old ) that is that he has moved to down that way was having a flight in a spitfire to celebrate . We were able to get close to it and it’s firing up and take off, a great experience.

There was so much going on there, wing walking planes taking off with people strapped to the top, Tiger Moth flights, parachute jumps, I have included a couple of pictures, two of many.

It remains for me to say that as the rally seasons starts, I look forward to catching up with members, but don’t forget if you have done anything over the winter months, please try and write a few words or send pictures that can go in your SEAMS newsletter.

Steve Rowland
SEAMS Chairman / Treasurer