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Chairman’s Report September/October

Dear Members

One thing that I though may be of interest was we visited the South of England show at Ardingly. We usually all go as a family and is a great event with an array of different things happening and for the ladies, many clothes and shoe stalls.

The show has changed over the years from a lot of livestock and special breeds being shown, which still can be found but I guess to make it pay, the commercial aspect has seemed to of taken over. While I was walking around and could hear a putt put of what could only be a stationary engine.  I knew there was no engine group showing at the show so, with the usual saying to the family “hang on, I’ll be back in a bit” I made off towards the sound. When I arrived I found what I believe to be a 8hp Ruston PB in original clothes on a large period trolley driving a water pump.  There was no history with it nor anyone around that I could ask, but I thought this was a lovely exhibit and would share the picture with you.

On the 9th and 10th of July,  Cyril and I attended the annual Wiston steam rally. This is a lovely setting and well laid out. It has it’s fair share of trade tents and auto jumble. This is a steam fair so there is a good attendance of steamers full size and miniature, with a good selection of tractors, buses and classic cars.

SEAMS moved this year from a site that had quite deep slopes (which gave me cause for concern when loading last year) to a new position at the bottom end of the rally field near the wood cutting exhibition. This was far better, with the camping was away from the engine pen, it made it look clean and tidy. There was a good turn out and we filled the pen very well.

We always have a few comments and moans, but as I have said in previous newsletters, we have asked about new committee members and to-date the phone has been silent. So I will say I take my hat off to Ian who did a sterling job in organising and arranging the SEAMS pen.

The weather was not too bad with some light rain early on Sunday and when it did clear, it was a good afternoon and nice to be able to pack up in the dry.  I had a chance to drive one of Phillip Sampson’s tractors, this was a support vehicle, and I enjoyed the whole experience.

I think this rally goes from strength to strength, so if you have not been, maybe we will see you next year.

Steve Rowland