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Chairman’s Report – Autumn 2021

Dear Members

From our last newsletter ISS 274, we have been venturing out as the world slowly opens up, Gas up, Coultershaw, our 30th Anniversary Gas up at Foxleigh Barn , SEAMS summer breakfast at Hassocks , Kingsfold Vintage Tractor and Engine weekend and Balls Cross with Tony Hayden.

It has been good I think for all to start meeting up and swapping those stories, not everyone can make all the events me included, but it gives us a reminder of how it used to be.

One event that I really enjoyed was the Gas up at Foxleigh Barn. This year it was special as it was SEAMS 30th Anniversary. Foxleigh Barn is hosted by Peter and Lin Vandendyke, who always make us feel welcome and this year was no exception. SEAMS had organised a free BBQ, but did have a donation tin which always helps the club funds. I can say I was truly staggered by
everybody’s generosity when I opened it. Thank you to all, that really makes a difference.

Well the only thing we had to contend with was the weather, we did have some bright spells, but just as John Peters and I took to the BBQ the heavens opened. Brian Charman erected a large
umbrella that thankfully gave the queuing members a little shelter while being served.

Weather aside, I think I can say that everybody passed on how much they enjoyed it , so that makes it all worthwhile. To finish the day off, we were treated to one of Alan Harris’s
cakes, that with Mark Tewkesbury debut in cake icing looked and tasted beautiful, thanks to you both and a big thanks to Peter and Lin.

Mark Tewkesbury has written an article that should appear in `Stationary Engine’ as Patrick Knight has said that due to the lack of larger events he would be very pleased to receive articles. This is great for SEAMS as this helps get our name out there.

Also listening to our younger members and hopefully getting a greater following, Sean Murrell who is already a committee member has stepped up and now has created a Facebook page. the address is on the rear of the newsletter and below.

Don’t forget… we say `it’s your club, your newsletter’, so as always we would be very pleased to receive a few words from you, even a picture of what you have been up to. You can post to me
direct at: 6 Queen Elizabeth Road, Rudgwick RH123HP, or via email to: or .

I hate to say this but as the nights draw in, thoughts of winter meetings at Faygate come into focus. We used to have the Thursday of every third week in the month. This is not possible as this spot has been taken, but we can have the Friday of the third week.

I don’t think there will be a October meeting, but we are looking at 19th November for our AGM, and as we had to miss last year, there will be some things to discuss. There a few positions to fill,
Treasurer, Events Secretary and Membership and Insurance, so to keep the club going. Let us see how the world continues to open up as more and more events emerge, I think it will take a long time to get back to normal, if it ever does.

Better report on the Land Rover, still ongoing but getting closer, bearing in mind I may only get one day a weekend if lucky. As I have said before, `you will struggle to recognise it when it’s finally complete’.

Please still take what precautions you need when out in general public as it’s not worth taking any chances.

Steve Rowland
SEAMS Chairman