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Beaulieu Stationary Engine Show 2017

By Richard Amos

This year, Beaulieu management were asking exhibitors to support some of the costs of the weekend show. Considering the excellent facilities on site (toilets, showers, overnight security and on site marquee for exhibitors) as well the many attractions of the Palace House, Motor Museum and the Austin Seven Show taking place on the Sunday, this was not unreasonable. Austin Seven owners pay to exhibit at the Sunday show so why not the engines….? For me, the many attractions of the weekend with the added advantage of camping within Beaulieu outweigh the nominal cost applied so Dennis and Chris Barnes had my entry early in the year.

It was clear on Saturday morning that there were a few gaps in the display, no doubt some people had been deterred by the entry charge. However, though slightly down in numbers, the engine display was still excellent as this event brings out the best and some of the largest engines you are likely to see attending UK shows. Notable this year were  two Tangye pumping sets exhibited by Dennis and Chris Barnes, the
organisers. One with a horizontal Tangye engine the other a vertical. Each one with its cast baseplate is pretty heavy and to see two at a show is unusual.

It was good to see Tony and Celia Harcombe with their Southwell engine.  Allan Harris brought them down for the day,  a nice gesture on Allan’s  part.  Some of the rare makes on display were a  Walsh and Clarke ‘Victoria’, 1912 Corbett Williams,  Barron and Co gas engine, Campbell ‘Little Sampson’, Hardy and Padmore …. the list goes on. Detailed in the Lister D book, I had never seen a rotary valve Lister D. The Lister-Cross engine was a development by Cross manufacturing in the 1930’s and produced more power than a standard Lister D requiring special piston rings of drawn carbon steel wire.

The evening ‘light up’ of generator sets featured a number of familiar makes like Petter Light and Stuart Turner as well as an unusual Russell Newbery 3hp set of 1920. This was an enjoyable weekend amongst enthusiasts from all over the country and attracted a good number of SEAMS members. The Saturday evening gen set ‘light up’ is always a popular get together and sees a good many enthusiasts talking (and drinking) late into the night. The marquee is set up for exhibitors to help themselves to tea or coffee so if you are not camping,  you can still  get refreshments at anytime. And to top it all, Dennis and Chris always extend a warm welcome on arrival and then everyone individually before the end of the show.  It was a reminder of the early engine shows that took place at Beaulieu back in the 1970’s.

Pictures: 1: 1915 Renfrew Model C  4hp made by Christensen Engineering Co, Wisconsin USA exhibited by Neville Beatty, Carlisle.
2:  A Barron and Co gas engine exhibited by Keith White, Crediton. (to follow)