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Beaulieu Engine Show June/July 2018

By Richard Amos

I have been exhibiting at Beaulieu for a few years now and it is  always a pleasure thanks to the tireless efforts of Chris and Dennis Barnes and their helpers. SEAMS were well represented as this event is a popular weekend getaway. This year was again blessed with sunshine on both days and the threat of some rain on the Sunday evening never materialised. There were a few gaps in the engine pens showing numbers had not fully recovered from the Beaulieu decision to charge exhibitors a modest sum. Despite this it was still the best display of engines in the south of England and with plenty for the family including the Austin seven gathering on Sunday, the Motor Museum and Palace House.  The regular and very atmospheric Saturday evening generating set  ‘light up’ seemed larger than ever this year with Chris and Dennis bringing a trio of engines, their rare 1918 Bellis and Morcom set, Austin single and early 1910 Walker and Horicks Austin driving a Siemens dynamo. Other sets included Pelapone, Kohler, a diminutive Tom Senior, the impressive  Blackstone of Jim Wright  and of course several Lister and Petter sets.

I don’t think you would ever see a better selection of hot air engines in one place, the theme for this years show. A Hayward Tyler 1/2hp had travelled from Dorset and a rare 1/4hp was interestingly shown part way through it’s restoration enabling the parts to be seen more closely. A display of three rare pre 1900 Robinson Patent hot air engines made by Potter and Co, each a different size, had come together for the event. Other hot air engines included a Bremen Caloric engine built in the USA and half a dozen Robinson engines including a large 1895 1/2hp size 5 shown by Jenny Jefferies. One exhibitor had no less than four Heinrici engines driving various items. Two exhibitors from Belgium had brought an inverted Otto and a USA built Domestic sideshaft engine. Some of the many exceptional engines this year included a small 1895 Godiva hot tube oil engine built by Payne and Bates and the Bathe generating set owned by our very own Colin Williams that had made the trip to Neunen this year. As usual, the raffle was held on Saturday evening before the generating set ‘light up’ and general evening soiree. Internal Fire were ‘on hand’   selling their engine reprints (available via their website) as well as a useful selection of BSW and BSF nuts some of which  I added to my stock.. Leaving Sunday this year I had a rapid and uninterrupted run home. All in all an enjoyable weekend meeting enthusiasts from all over the country as well as some from Europe.