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Amberley Spring Mechanicals May 2016

For perhaps the first time in all the years I have been attending the Amberley stationary engine event, the day was a fine sunny and WINDLESS day. Most of us will know how cold it can be if the wind whistles through the site. With about 60 engines on show the visitor was treated to a fine display of all types of engines. This year seems to have brought out a number of early Lister A and B type engines.

Ian had taken along our very own SEAMS club engine, a 2.5hp A type number 36797. This is the 5th production engine made and believed to be the  3rd oldest survivor, was supplied to Beeney Brothers  of Station Rd Hailsham. It is hoped soon to start its return to working order. Ian and Phillip  had their own early A and B types on display and across the road, perhaps in competition, was Bill Ovenden with his early Lister A and B types. All these engines were spec 10. Up on the  ‘green’ Dave Carpenter had his 1925 A type number 50325, presumably a spec 15 engine … with so many early engines I suspect skullduggery was afoot when Ian was organising  this event.

I think the furthest travelled exhibitor was Martin Chamney from Dorset who brought a two cycle Moteur Smetryn built in Belgium circa 1920 and acquired at the Neunen engine show in Holland last year. Sadly the magneto eventually gave up on the day but this engine has a lovely exhaust note… The small Blackstone on the front cover  of this issue was clearly work in progress when I walked by..Also of note was the display of Stuart Turner steam generating sets exhibited by Vanessa and Keith West, one of these was still in its original box with everything labelled and numbered ready for  assembly.

Amberley is a very social event as so many of our SEAMS members attend regularly,  it’s hard to walk along the engine line up without stopping every few feet to have a chat… by the time I got to the Limeburners for an ice cream (it’s usually for a HOT coffee !)  they were shutting up shop..