Chairman’s Report September/October 2019

Bu Steve Rowland – Chairman

The Rally season seems to march on. As I have said before, due to my passion in wanting to get as much work done to the Land Rover project as I can, I have cherry picked the events that Cyril and I have attended this year. It’s slow progress but very thorough and I can’t wait for the day to bring it back into service. While on the subject, just a small thank you to Cyril for being able to use his car to tow my trailer having both of our engines on it, allowing some rallying to continue.

I mentioned in my last Chairman’s report that everyone is welcome to have an article published in our newsletter. It does not have to be a report on an event. I am sure over the years many projects, even activities during your career, have taken place we would all enjoy reading about. I have not asked Mark the direct question, but I feel he has not jumped up and said, “I have a few new articles in this month that I can put into the newsletter”

Even if you come to the same event as the committee members, it would be great to have a few words and opinions as you may have seen an event from another perspective.

During my working day this week I had one supplier mention when looking at potential work capacity “only 14 weeks to Christmas” this is terrible, so we shall keep focussed on the remaining rallies.

They always said that time seems shorter when you get older, surely this can’t be a sign that I getting older LOL!

Take care on the rally-field, be safe and happy exhibiting.